If you want to lose weight, then you must exercise daily. Exercise helps us lose weight. You can take a lot of treatments, no matter how many supplements you take, you will not lose weight unless you include exercise in all of them.

So it is our objective that exercise is necessary with the fat burner drink  we provide you in this blog post.

So lets get start:

What we are going to tell you about the FAT burner drink is mainly made from 4 ingredient.

Fenugreek seeds:

Fenugreek contains a lot of fiber. It contains an element called galactomannan which is healthy and helps in burning fat. It acts as fat burner from the body in the form of ATP.

Fenugreek seeds contain healthy carbohydrates which cause rapid weight loss. Up to 75% water is found in fenugreek seeds, which helps in weight loss. Fiber keeps the stomach full for a long time and then there is not much desire to eat. Eating fenugreek ends the hunger of the stomach or reduces the desire to eat. This will save you from eating waste calories. This will save you from being a moto victim.

Fenugreek in your body do not allow sugar to freeze and it breaks out due to breakdown. This causes the weight to fall very quickly. It also increases the metabolism of the body, which leads to weight loss.

Green tea powder:

Vitamins A, B, B5, D, E, C, K and H are found in green tea. Apart from this, selenium, chromium, zinc, caffeine and manganese are also sufficient in this. An element named EGCG is also found in it.

Our body naturally increases temperature. It is a part of the process of heat metabolism. In such a situation, when you drink a cup of green tea, the body temperature increases slightly.

Increase in temperature simply means that more calories will be burnt and more calories burnt means weight loss. Green tea makes the process of metabolism more active. The element named EGCG present in green tea is responsible for this process.

Black seeds:

You will not know that by using it you can lose weight easily. The black seeds not only reduces your weight, but it also improves the memory as well as healthy heart, painkiller, immunity system. Know how you can get rid of obesity by using black seeds.

Black seeds is one such thing. Which is used at every Indian's home. It is a boon for your health along with enhancing the taste of food. It is rich in amino acids, protein as well as iron, sodium, calcium, potassium and fiber. Which keeps you healthy.

There is a high amount of fiber in black seeds. Which helps a lot in losing weight.

Isabgol husk:

Isabgol has the quality that not only frees you from problems like weight loss or constipation, but there are many other health benefits as well. It works to detox the body. You would probably know the same use of Isabgol by now, but it also has many other advantages.

Isabgol is in the form of husk. When it is taken with water or juice, it gets wet. After soaking two teaspoons of isabgol, it is more than about a glass. It is completely ruffled. This is the reason that eating it also makes the stomach full for a long time and it also reduces calories a lot. This is why it is effective in weight loss.

Two teaspoons of isabgol contain only 32 calories. This is the reason that when taken, it feels full but the calories are low. It is better to take Isabgol as a daily fiber supplement. This reduces appetite.


Take all these 4 ingredient in 50-50 grams each. And finely grind and mixed them.


It is to be taken thrice a day in the quantity of 5 grams (one teaspoon) with Hot water.